Staff Information

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Name Position Contact
Jordan Davis Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager
Robert Brown Design Editor, Copy Editor
Percy Yeung Photography Editor
Chris Wang Assistant Photography Editor
Hareen Godthi Sections Editor
Mac Pitts Director of Publications

Meet the Editors

Jordan Davis

Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager

Hello, my name is Jordan Davis and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Blueprint. I have been a part of the staff since my sophomore year, when I was student life editor. I am a third year Public Policy student and I love all things yearbook.

Robert Brown

Design Editor, Copy Editor

My name is Robert Brown and I am the design editor and copy editor for the Blueprint. I make sure the design details are perfect and every word is right before the book is printed.

Percy Yeung

Photography Editor

Hey guys! My name is Percy Yeung and I am a fourth year Computer Engineering major. I am the Editor of Photography for the GT Yearbook. Outside of school, photography is definitely one of my favorite pastimes and I am so excited to be doing something that I love and be capturing the memories of Tech Students at the same time. I am also a part of the Georgia Tech Robojackets' Robocup team, which builds small (think paintcan sized) soccer-playing robots for competition and my fraternity, Phi Kappa Theta.

Chris Wang

Assistant Photography Editor

My name is Chris Wang and I am a second year Computer Engineering major from West Philadelphia. I am one of the photographers of the GT Yearbook. Aside from photography, I also enjoy swimming, ultimate Frisbee, gaming, and camping. I am also involved with SASE and I am a member of Phi Kappa Theta fraternity.

Hareen Godthi

Sections Editor

I'm a fourth year Industrial Design major from Johns Creek, GA. I'm thrilled to be on staff with such a great group of people and I'm so excited to capture the stories of this year.